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#SexForGrades: UNILAG Lecturer Caught On Tape Sexually Harassing Student



Breaking: Foursquare Suspends Dr Boniface, Lecturer In #SexForGrades

With the level of sexual harassment and molestation in some West African universities, a Nigerian university lecturer, Boniface Igbeneghu, has been caught on camera requesting sexual demands in exchange for admission into the University of Lagos.

Naija News understands that the accused lecturer, Boniface Igbeneghu, was a former sub-dean of the Faculty of Art and head pastor of a local Foursquare Gospel Church.

According to an investigative report conducted by an undercover journalist, Kiki Mordi, with BBC African Eye, who disguised as a 17-year-old admission seeker.

Below is an excerpt of the conversation between the lecturer and the undercover female student.

Mr Igbeneghu invited the ‘admission seeker’ to his office for ‘tutorials’ and at their first meeting asked: “how old are you?”.

After responding, the lecturer started commenting on her appearance.

“Don’t you know you are a beautiful girl? Do you know I am a pastor and I am in my 50s but if I want a girl of 17 years, all I need is a sweet tongue and put some money,” he said.

Some days later, the lecturer invited the ‘student’ for a second meeting where they held prayer sessions together.

After the prayer, he simply asked: “what age do you start knowing men. Be assured that your mother will not hear.”

Listen to complete details of the investigation below:

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