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IPOB Warns South-East Youths Against Joining Nigerian Army




The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has advised youths from the South-East region not to enlist in the current recruitment exercise being advertised by the Nigerian Army.

According to a statement from IPOB’s media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, issued on Thursday, the group advised Nigerian youths against joining the army, claiming it’s depleted.

Naija News recall that the Nigerian Army had announced the commencement of fresh recruitment into the service for interested and eligible Nigerians.

In response, the self-determination group warned Biafran youths against engaging in the ongoing recruitment campaign by the Nigeria Army, stressing that it would be unwise for any rational Nigerian youth, especially Biafran youth, to risk their lives.


IPOB claimed that terrorist groups in the North aim to establish an Islamic State, leading to conflict with the Nigerian government and military, resulting in a depletion of military manpower.

They cited factors such as low morale, tribalism, nepotism, and poor salaries as reasons for soldiers opting for voluntary retirement or desertion.

IPOB alleged, “The terrorists are seeking to create their own Islamic State in the North. These terrorists declared war on the Nigerian government and her soldiers and have successfully depleted the Nigerian Military’s manpower. 


“Moreso, the low morale, tribalism, nepotism and poor salary in the Nigerian Army have forced a lot of soldiers to proceed on voluntary retirement. 

“Some of the soldiers that applied for voluntary retirement and were refused by the Nigerian Army authorities absconded in what the military referred to as “Awol”. These factors have forced the Nigeria Army to advertise for recruitment almost twice or thrice in a year.

“It is imperative to inform the Nigerian youths especially the Biafran youths to avoid being recruited by the Nigeria Army to be sent to be sacrificed for terrorism business of the cabals,” it added.