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Biafra: Enough Is Enough, How Can A Half Naked Girl Insult Gowon – Arewa Leader Sends Stern Warning




Yakubu Gowon Reveals The Truth About 'Rejecting' ECOWAS Invitation

The leader of Arewa in the South, Musa Saidu has condemned the recent verbal attack on former military Head of State, Nigeria, General Yakubu Gowon, rtd.

Recall that Gowon had during a visit to the presidential villa told President Bola Tinubu that he was accused of being unable to prosecute the Biafra civil war because he was too slow.

His statement was greeted with heavy backlash as Nigerians claimed that he was glorifying the massacres of Igbos during the civil war.

Reacting to the backlash via a statement, Saidu insisted that it was ridiculous for people to hurl insults at the former nation’s leader.

He urged leaders in the East to call their people to order.

The Arewa leader said some Igbos were allegedly overheating the body polity with the rain of insult on Gowon.

He lamented that the situation had gotten so bad that a half naked girl on TikTok had the temerity to insult the former nation’s leader

He argued that Gowon was not the one that declared war against the Nigerian state and he only acted to keep the unity of the country.

According to him, “The attack on General Gowon is getting out of hand. Gowon only protected the country from disintegration. Gowon did not start the war against Nigeria. He only defended the unity of the country as Head of State which any patriotic leader would do.

“What has Gowon done that even in TikTok they are insulting him. The insult is too much. I saw a girl half naked insulting Gowon on TikTok. This should stop. Enough is enough.

“Why is it that Yakubu Gowon made a statement and he should be attacked. We have gone beyond where some of our Igbo brothers want to drag us to. We all should begin to focus on building our dear country Nigeria.”