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Northern Elders Forum Raises Concerns Over ‘Accidental’ Army Bombing In Kaduna



The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has expressed grave concern over the recent ‘accidental’ bombing by the Nigerian Army in Tundun Biri, Kaduna State, which resulted in civilian casualties.

The forum is calling for a comprehensive investigation into the tragic event.

In light of the incident that led to the loss of numerous innocent lives, the NEF, through its Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, is emphasizing the importance of civilian safety in conflict zones.

Suleiman noted that the Kaduna State government has acknowledged the severity of the situation and has committed to compensating the victims of the military strike.

He said, “However beyond compensation for the victims, a thorough investigation is essential to ensure justice for the affected civilians, prevent future occurrences, and uphold the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“By identifying the causes and circumstances surrounding the incident, the investigation can determine whether any negligence or misconduct occurred, holding those responsible accountable.

“This will provide a sense of closure and compensation to the victims, fostering trust between the military and the civilian population.”

According to Suleiman, conducting a thorough investigation into the accidental bombing is essential to preventing similar incidents in the future.

The NEF spokesman said that by analyzing the circumstances that led to the tragedy, the investigation could identify any systemic failures, gaps in training, or inadequate protocols that may have contributed to the accident.

He also said that armed with this knowledge, the military can implement necessary reforms, such as improved coordination, enhanced intelligence gathering and stricter adherence to rules of engagement.

Suleiman, “These measures will minimize the risk of accidental bombings and protect civilian lives during military operations. An investigation aligns with the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“NEF condoles the families of the affected civilians as well the Kaduna State government for the unfortunate and regrettable incident.”