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Jose Mourinho Blasts His Players For Putting Pressure On Roma



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Roma’s manager, Jose Mourinho, has blasted his players after drawing 1-1 with Swiss Super League club, Servette in the Europa League.

Jose Mourinho claimed that his players used a “superficial approach” to play against Servette who are currently sitting third in the Swiss league.

During the Europa League game, Romelu Lukaku led the Italian team in the first half, but Chris Bedia tied the score via a counter-attack.

The draw means that Jose Mourinho and his boys are currently sitting second in Group G with 10 points in five games, two points ahead of first-placed Slavia Prague.

To win the group and go straight to the round of sixteen, Roma must defeat Sheriff Tiraspol in their last group match and hope that Slavia Prague will lose to Servette.

If Roma finishes the group stage in the second spot, they will advance to the play-offs and face a team demoted from the Champions League.

“It seems that some people who don’t have much European experience play these games somewhat superficially.

“I really don’t understand. I’ve played 150 matches in the Champions League that are much more ‘important’ than this and my motivation for these matches is sky-high.

“It’s always the same lads who stay focused for 90 minutes and I don’t need to name them. Then some people have a bit of a superficial approach in this type of game.” Jose Mourinho said.

Even though it seemed like his team missed an opportunity to win all three points in Switzerland and go top of the group, Jose Mourinho, who has coached Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, insisted that making it to the playoffs wouldn’t be a “disaster”.

He said, “I’m not going to make a drama out of this second place. I think it’s more of a drama that some people wasted an opportunity by playing with the same attitude we keep seeing, especially at the start of the second half when we’re in the lead.

“There’s nothing to pay. [Manchester City boss Pep] Guardiola can make people pay for these things. If he’s not happy with someone, he says goodbye and brings in another. It’s not a problem. We don’t have that option here. Here we have a coach who has to keep hammering it in, working day after day trying to get the best out of these players.

“I’ll say it again: we have a fantastic squad, good people, professional people who love Roma and want to do well. This is more about the DNA, about your comfort zone.”