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Young Singer Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy Against Prophet Muhammad



A 22-year-old man has been sentenced to death by a Shari’a High Court in Hausawa Filin Hockey, Kano, for releasing a song insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The Daily Nigerian reported that the judge, Khadi Aliyu Muhammad, handed down the sentence to Yahaya Aminu Sharif, on Monday.

The judge, Khadi Muhammad made the decision after he was satisfied with the evidence that the youth had committed the crime that led to his impeachment before the court.

The young singer has been charged in court after he was accused of releasing a song insulting the Prophet Muhammad in March 2020.

Following the publication of the song and its proliferation on social media, particularly WhatsApp, angry youths set fire to the teenager’s home and led a protest march to the headquarters of Hisbah.

According to a report, the court has sentenced a young man, Umar Farouq, to ​​10 years in prison for blasphemy. Farouq was arraigned in court on charges of insulting God while arguing with his friends in Sharada.

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