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Ekiti Elections: Fayose Denies Printing INEC Ballot Papers



Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose

Eniola Fayose, Printer Who Was Accused Of Printing INEC Ballot Denies, Says He Was Printing Specimen To Educate Voters.

A printer, Mr. Eniola Fayose, has threatened to sue those who accused him of printing Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ballot papers for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rig the Ekiti July 14  elections.

While Eniola denied printing any ballot papers, he said he only printed specimen to educate voters.

Eniola who spoke in Ado-Ekiti, on Tuesday, in reaction to the storming of his office in Lagos by the police who accused him of printing ballot papers and engaging in gun running, showed samples of the specimen he printed for PDP said,  “I am a registered printer with over 20 years experience. These are the samples of specimen I was asked to print for voter education. It has no logo or security features on them as they are for mere education of the voters.

“They are just specimen to let the people know how the ballot paper looks like and how to thumb print and how to fold the papers, ” he said.

The printer who threatened to sue anyone no matter how highly placed who maligns his name, said: “I know the law works and I am ready to sue anybody on this matter. I have not done anything illegal. I don’t know anything about arms and ammunition. I am a law abiding citizen and not a relation of the governor. I am from Ikere-Ekiti.

According to Eniola, what the Police found in his possession were valid documents, “Everything the police claimed to have seen in my workshop when they searched the place are valid documents. Every political party has such specimen to educate their people. When copies given by the INEC are not sufficient, parties can print the specimen.

“The specimen I printed is in a paper of 60 gramme bond which is incapable of registering the needed security point for a genuine ballot paper. It has no logo, no number, no security feature. Specimen is clearly written on it, he added

“The Lagos Police Commissioner in his statement never said he saw ballot papers in my workshop and did not said I was arrested. He did not see anything incriminating, he is quite a gentleman and professional in doing his job. The CP said that everything he saw were documents.

“I build my businesses on hard work and integrity with enviable track record with local and international awards. I am working for seven countries in sub-Sahara Africa. For our detractors, thanks for the free advertisement. We remain unshakable.”

Reacting to the allegation, Governor Ayodele Fayose said the alleged poll materials were mere ballot paper specimen which his party contracted Eniola to print so they could be used for voter education.

He challenged the security operatives to publish the materials they claimed to have recovered from Eniola’s office in Lagos, saying: ” Eniola printed specimen of election materials for voter education for our our people who are illiterates. The specimen has nothing to show it is authentic INEC material. APC and INEC printed specimens and distributed them publicly.

Fayose then challenged the security operatives to “ the so-called election materials that they are talking about. They should publish what they have. INEC printed their own specimen and and we also printed our own specimen for voter education for our people.

“The specimen is not usable anywhere and not showing any thing that appears to be authentic materials. APC did their own specimen for their people and we did that too. This is an attempt to intimidate us. The mere fact that he is Fayose does not mean Eniola is my relation.”

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