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Alibaba Lists Why Super Eagles Of Nigeria Must Qualify For 2026 FIFA World Cup




Nigerian veteran comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, famously known as Alibaba, has highlighted the reasons why the Super Eagles must qualify for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are on the verge of missing out on the 2026 FIFA World Cup after recording three draws and one defeat in their first four qualification games.

Their unexpected 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Benin Republic, left the Super Eagles at the 5th spot out of 6 teams in Group C of the qualification series, four points below first-placed Rwanda, second-placed South Africa, and third-placed Benin Republic.

Earlier today, Alibaba took to his Instagram page to share a question that was asked on a sporting platform he belongs to. He said a member of the platform asked: “Is it by force that Super Eagles qualify for the World Cup?”

In his response, he compared the Super Eagles’ potential absence from the 2026 FIFA World Cup to a comedian who is discouraged from organizing an event because of the failure of the previous one.

The 58-year-old legendary entertainer said if the Super Eagles fail to qualify for the World Cup, a lot of economic activities will be negatively affected.

Alibaba wrote: “Most times, many are blinded to the many allied value propositions of a crowd-pulling activity, to appreciate being excluded from it.

“As in many sporting events, so is entertainment.

“When you hear a comedian complaint of low turnout for their events, don’t dismiss the pain as a selfish one.

“The failure may deter him from planning another.

“The businesses that are affected by the failure of Super Eagles to attend World Cup, include advertising agencies, PR companies, printers, influencers, sales managers, entertainers, hospitality businesses, aspiring Nigerian footballers, their families too, marriages of coaches, travel agencies, sport analysts, betting companies, football scouts, banks, telecommunications companies, tour managers… to mention but a few.

“When you see a comedian put up a show, he is putting food on the table of printers, ushers, interior decorators, caterers, equipment rentals, sound engineers, lighting guys, set designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, hoteliers, venue owners, drinks suppliers, musicians, performing artistes, artiste managers, television and radio stations, outdoor advertising firms, security companies, event planners, photographers, Videographers, again, to name just a few.

“So, to ask if it is by force is clearly not kind. And shows a lack of understanding of the scales of economics that are affected. Not to mention the reputational impact of hearing the National Anthem, the new one, and the patriotism gingered by our participation.”