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Not PDP, Not Labour Party – Pat Utomi Speaks On New Mega Party That Will Unseat APC In 2027




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Renowned political economist and former presidential candidate, Professor Pat Utomi has detailed plans for the formation of a new mega-political party aimed at unseating the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2027 general elections.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos on Thursday, Utomi criticized the current political landscape, which he believes has failed to deliver effective governance.

Naija News reports that Utomi, who recently returned to Nigeria from a prolonged stay in the U.S., expressed his disappointment with the existing political parties, describing them as undemocratic and ineffective in serving the nation’s needs.

“Political parties and politicians of these parties cannot save Nigeria now. It is clear,” he stated, emphasizing the need for a drastic change in the political order.

According to Utomi, the new mega party will be formed by merging two distinct groups of politicians: the ‘mea culpa’ cohort, consisting of former politicians who acknowledge their past failures and are committed to national redemption, and the ‘new value’ cohort, which will include forward-thinking individuals from various political backgrounds.

He also mentioned that some elder statesmen would be involved in the initiative.

“The nature and the structure of our politics is such that even good people, when they enter these existing political parties, will play to their interests,” Utomi explained.

He stressed the importance of creating a political movement that promotes value-driven citizenship, integrity, work ethics, and respect for the dignity of people.

Utomi revealed his schedule for the coming weeks, which includes strategic meetings in Lagos and Abuja, followed by a press conference to formally announce the formation of the mega party.

He is hopeful about accomplishing significant progress in these talks before returning to the U.S.

This initiative follows Utomi’s earlier conversations with leaders of some opposition parties and presidential candidates from the 2023 general elections about creating a united front against the APC.

His approach focuses on cultivating a new political culture that contrasts sharply with the self-serving attitudes prevalent among current political figures.