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VeryDarkMan Calls Out Hilda Baci Over Delayed Cooking Classes




Martins Otse Vincent, aka VeryDarkMan and Hilda Baci
Martins Otse Vincent, aka VeryDarkMan and Hilda Baci

Popular activist VeryDarkMan has recently taken to social media to call out renowned chef Hilda Baci over allegations of failing to commence cooking classes despite collecting payments from participants.

The issue surfaced after Baci organized a cooking class where attendees were required to pay N35,000 each. However, since March, when the payments were made, there has been no progress or communication regarding the commencement of the classes.

VeryDarkMan, known for his outspokenness on social issues, criticized Baci for what he termed “ghosting” her students after receiving payment. He expressed disappointment at the lack of transparency and accountability in the situation, especially considering Baci’s reputation as an award-winning chef.

In his Instagram post, VeryDarkMan highlighted the seriousness of the situation, suggesting that Baci could potentially face legal consequences for “Obtaining under false pretense,” a charge that carries significant penalties.

“I cannot stand by and watch people being taken advantage of,” VeryDarkMan stated in his post. “It’s unacceptable to collect money for a service and then disappear without fulfilling your end of the bargain.”

The post included screenshots of debit alerts from students who had paid for the cooking classes, along with comments from some of these individuals expressing their frustration at Baci’s lack of communication or progress.

Efforts to reach Hilda Baci for comment have so far been unsuccessful, as she has not responded to inquiries regarding the delayed classes or the allegations made by VeryDarkMan and others.

Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.