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‘Proof Emerges’ – Nigerians Ask Pastor Enenche To Apologize To Lady Embarrassed For Giving ‘Fake Testimony’




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Nigerians have called on the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), Paul Enenche, to apologize to a lady accused of giving ‘fake testimony’ during a church service.

Naija News reports that in a video, which made rounds online, the member mounted the pulpit to testify on Sunday, April 14, after successfully graduating with a “Bachelor of Law” degree from the National Open University of Nigeria on Saturday, April 13.

Suddenly, Pastor Enenche interrupted at the middle of the testimony, accusing the lady of lying.

The clergyman told the member that she didn’t sound like a law graduate judging by her speech.


According to Enenche, there was nothing like a “Bachelor of Law” and demanded the member to leave the pulpit, stressing that anyone who comes to lie at the pulpit does so at their own risk.

However, Nigerians have discovered the woman’s Facebook page and photos showing her graduation from National Open University, Abuja.

A search on the National Open University’s website revealed that the institution offers a “Bachelor of Law” program.


Many Nigerians have taken to the X platform, demanding Pastor Enenche apologize to the lady as she might have probably been faced with stage fright.

@DeborahToluwase wrote: “Apparently the lady accused of giving a fake testimony by Dunamis actually graduated from NOUN. Here is her name on the graduation list number 2262. I guess she probably had stage fright. The church should find a way to apologize to her for this embarrassment”


@KObambon wrote: “If I am to apply the standard @Pastor Paul Enenche used to judge this woman, then I will also conclude that Pastor Paul Enenche is FAKE. If he were not fake, the HOLY SPIRIT would have revealed to him that the woman was saying the truth. The HOLY SPIRIT is not working in him.”

@phendykay wrote: “If spoken English is your yardstick for intelligence, YOU ARE A BIG FUU. This lady deserves a big apology for that embarrassment. Tell your Pastor, Paul Enenche.”

@TheoAbuAgada wrote: “When will Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis Church International apologize to this woman for embarrassing her?Apparently, she actually graduated from the National Open University, NOUN, with a degree in Law. Either she had a stage fright during the testimony, or the educational standard at NOUN needs serious review, but that’s a discussion for another day.”

@oyiboediri wrote: “Pastor Paul Enenche actually needs to apologise to Anyim Vera. When people are called to testify in churches, especially for a church as big as Dunamis, they are first made to kind of audition the testimony.”

@ezeh_pat wrote: “Chai, Imagine! So the Vera Anyim is even a police officer sef. She obviously did the law program to develop herself further on her job as police officer, only for Pastor Paul Enenche to just water down her years of efforts just like that by calling it a lie. Haba!”

@ozii_baba wrote: “What Pastor Paul Enenche did showed that he is also human. Most of us believe that every lawyer knows how to speak English – since oral and written communication are their major tools.However, he didn’t put into consideration that his altar can be intimidating, and fright is enough to affect our speech and grammar. Besides, stating that she’s the first graduate in her family is enough to tell Pastor Enenche of the girl’s background.”

@Soulmedika wrote: “The only thing Pastor Paul Enenche needs to do to that woman is apologise and it should be profuse! All the excuse of “it’s not the Pastor’s fault, the woman should have been able to articulate the name of her degree” is lame! Ye all should stop acting like Christianity is a cult!”

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