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Chelsea Transfer Expenses In Last Season Revealed




Potter's Possible Replacement At Chelsea Revealed

Companies House has revealed that Chelsea spent a whooping £747 million to sign new players during the 2022-2023 season.

The company also revealed that Chelsea spent £404 million to pay salaries during the aforementioned season which is a 18 percent increase in the club’s wage bill. They are currently the second club in the Premier League with the highest wage bill.

Note that the £404 million also includes the amount that was used to pay off coach Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter after they were sacked last season.

Aside from the amount spent on signing players, Chelsea have also recorded sales during the said season. Todd Boehly’s Clearlake Capital consortium which spent over £1 billion to buy players since they took over the club in 2022, made £203 million from selling players who originally cost them £592 million.


Based on the rules, Chelsea managed to generate just £63 million in profit last season.

Note that the £450 million that Chelsea spent on new players between June 30 to date wasn’t included in the 2022-2023 account. The said amount will be added to this season’s account.

The Companies House reported that Chelsea’s pre-tax loss of £90 million which was reported in March 2024 would have been higher if the club had not sold hotel buildings to Blueco 22 Properties Ltd, a subsidiary of parent company Blueco 22 Ltd, which led to a profit for the club of £76.5 million.


Note that Chelsea are expected to sell players before June 30, to prevent breaching the Premier League profit and sustainability (PSR) regulations, which state that clubs can only lose a maximum of £105 million over three seasons.

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