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Gaza War: Boris Johnson Kicks As UK Debates Ending Arms Sale To Israel




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Former United Kingdom British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has expressed strong opposition to suggestions of ending the country’s arms sale to Israel amidst the ongoing conflict with Gaza, which has now stretched into its seventh month.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Johnson branded the idea of halting arms trade with Israel as “insane,” highlighting the gravity of the situation and the potential implications such a move could have on the conflict’s outcome.

Naija News reports that this development follows the tragic incident last Monday, where an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) airstrike resulted in the deaths of three British aid workers from the World Central Kitchen (WCK).

The attack has sparked a significant outcry within the UK, with MPs across major political parties and over 600 legal professionals, including former Supreme Court justices, advocating for an end to arms trading with Israel.

The Israeli government has since characterized the airstrike as an unintentional mistake due to a “serious failure,” leading to the dismissal of two officers involved in the operation.

In defence of Israel’s position, Johnson criticized the silence of the Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, on the matter and underscored the importance of supporting Israel in its efforts against Hamas.

Johnson articulated his concerns about the potential consequences of weakening Israel’s military capabilities, suggesting it could inadvertently benefit what he referred to as “a bunch of murderers and rapists.”

He argued that ceasing arms sales to Israel would constitute a moral repudiation of a country that recently experienced a significant tragedy. Furthermore, Johnson posited that facilitating the release of hostages held by Hamas could lead to an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces and potentially bring an end to the conflict.

He said, “If the West continues to crumble – and especially if Britain and the US crumble – then the Israelis will be prevented from getting into Rafah. They will be prevented from achieving their objective: of finishing Hamas as a military force in Gaza,” Johnson said.

“Is that really what you want, all you legal experts who say that Israel’s actions now necessitate an arms embargo?

“Do you want to hand victory to a bunch of murderers and rapists? We are being asked to shun the Israelis, to mount a total moral repudiation of Israel – when that country has only recently suffered the biggest and most horrifying massacre of Jewish people since World War Two.”