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Please Stop Shaming Me With The Scar On My Face – Actress Jemima Begs Movie Directors




Nollywood actress, Jemima Adelekan has broken down in tears after a movie director rejected her for a movie role due to the scar on her face.

Speaking via X, the upcoming actress shared a WhatsApp screenshot of the message she received from a casting director, who stated that she wasn’t fit to be cast for a role she auditioned for because of her scar.

In the chat, the director explained to the actress that though she passed the character and nailed the role, they wouldn’t be giving her the role because the character doesn’t have a scar.

He expressed heartbreak that the movie star had a scar as he stated that she would have been the perfect pick for the role.


Hi Jemima, good morning. In response to your audition, we would have really loved to bring you as you passed the character and nailed the role I must say but I’m sorry the character doesn’t have a scar and hence we can’t put you on. I really wish your scar wasn’t there, you would have been our perfect pick. Do have a great day, Best wishes,” the text reads

In her caption, Jemima described the rejection as one of the many humiliations she has gone through.

She said she was tired of pleading with casting directors to avoid saying hurtful things to her.


She wrote, “I’m tired of being strong and I’m just begging please if you don’t have nice words to say to me, let me be, especially to casting directors, I’m trying, I’m really trying, you guys don’t know what I’ve been through and it’s only fair if you are nice with your comments, it’s okay if you don’t wanna call me back.

“I totally understand if I go for auditions and I do not get a call back, it doesn’t mean I am not good enough, that’s what I tell myself, it just means that they don’t see me in the role and that’s okay but scar shaming me, it’s not fair. Please I’m begging, it’s only worse.

“Before my scar, I’m human! A human being that has blood running in her veins. This is not a pity post, I am Just tired of being a strong girl! 29 years of my life I have done that! Not anymore please”.