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Scores Of Bandits Killed In Zamfara As Opposing Gangs Clash




BREAKING: Scores Of Worshippers Kidnapped In Zamfara Mosque

Two warring bandit gangs are said to have engaged in a gun battle near Hayin Alhaji and the Munhanye woodland in Tsafe local government area of Zamfara State, resulting in numerous casualties.

Naija News reports that Ibrahim Muhammad, a native of the region, told reporters on Sunday that the war for domination between factions resulted in the deaths of scores of members.

According to Muhammad, a team of bandits from adjacent Katsina State raided some Zamfara State localities and kidnapped the locals.

However, infamous bandit boss Ado Alero, a local indigene, intervened and refused to allow the rival gang to kidnap any of the community members.


The warring gangs allegedly engaged in a gun battle, with high reports of fatalities on both sides.

Continuing, Muhammad stated that villagers have visited the battlefield to see the lifeless bodies of the bandits who have been neutralised. He further noted that the robbers had abandoned approximately 30 motorcycles at the scene of the conflict.

He said, “Some bandits who came from Katsina State stormed some communities between Tafkin Kazai and Munhaye village around 5 pm on Saturday, attempting to kidnap the residents of the area.


“In the course of achieving their target, another group of bandits led by Ado Alero came to the place in a bid to protect the residents. The two bandit gangs engaged themselves in operation fire-for-fire as they started shooting at each other, while the residents were running for their lives.

“As we were running, the bandit leader, Ado Alero, told us not to panic and asked us to remain where we were. The two groups fought for several hours, and many of them were killed. When we returned to the area, today (Sunday), we saw many corpses and several motorcycles.”