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Video: Nollywood Actress Comes Under Heavy Backlash For Going On Knees To Receive Engagement Ring From Fiance




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A Nollywood actress, Favour Nwachukwu, has come under heavy backlash for going on her knees to receive an engagement ring from her fiance.

Naija News reports that the actress had shared a video of her man proposing to her.

However, before her lover placed the ring on her finger she went on her knees in a show of appreciation.

The act was criticised by netizens who argued that it should have been the man who should kneel.

Watch the video below.

Below are comments culled by Naija News

Ciccy, “I am sorry it’s not giving.”

Araoluwa, “Sisterhood is not proud of you oh baby girl, you can kneel down afterwards but you let him ask you in a proper way but what do I know.”

Mikki, “What kind of unbalanced proposal is this. Nah, I will pass.”

Sarah Martins, “All I see a good, respectful, submissive, reserved woman. Abeg you can kneel for your man however you want. Nobody has the right to tell you how to treat your man. I like.”

Monarch, “To think that she stylishly kneeled down. He already gave her conditions for proposal Onitsha men and pride. Importer and exporter.”

Mr Obiter, “Anambra men and ego, smh, why must she kneel. She’s accepting you not the other way round. All these Onitsha main market boys.”

Kung_teelove, “Very respectful lady, she will enjoy her home.”

Nicki, “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Favour, “This is not love dont be deceived.”

Lily, “May my heels break, the moment I try to kneel.