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Buhari Patched Up Everything Until He Ran To Daura And Left Huge Mess For Tinubu – Ajomale




Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Ajomale Hints On Tinubu’s Running Mate

Former Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Henry Ajomale, has said Nigerians should not blame President Bola Tinubu for the current economic hardship in the country.

Naija News reports that some Nigerians have expressed disappointment in Tinubu’s six months in office, saying the fuel subsidy removal and forex challenge have brought further hardship.

However, Ajomale, in an interview with PUNCH, asserted that the country had been destroyed a long time before Tinubu emerged as the President and began building on a collapsing bridge.

The APC chieftain claimed that the economy is terrible and if care is not taken, the country will collapse, stressing Nigeria is faced with a similar problem of inflation affecting other countries.

Ajomale also blamed the former President, Muhammadu Buhari, for the current hardship in Nigeria, insisting he patched everything until he gave up and left a huge mess for Tinubu.

He said, “No. People should know that the economy has been destroyed for a long time, and everybody that came in has been building on a collapsing bridge. If care is not taken, that bridge will give way, and Nigeria will be bankrupt. This is why I pity those who are fighting to be leaders of Nigeria today. The economy is bad and terrible. And what is going on all over the world today is affecting us seriously. We have 25 per cent inflation. Ghana has 35 per cent. Go to London, you will observe that the ‘One Pound Shop’ they used to have is now ‘One Pound Plus.’

“It is also important for us to consider the equivalent of foreign currency to naira now. Let’s assume a pound is ₦1,500. If you want to eat, you cannot conveniently use that one pound to buy anything in London; not even bread. Yet, you can use the naira equivalent which is ₦1,500 to eat two or three times. At least, I know some people who will take N500 to eat in one sitting. That alone is luxury. Even if they buy N200 garri to eat, they will be okay. This is something you cannot try in America where you can buy just one banana for one dollar. It used to be a bunch for a dollar before.

“Inflation is everywhere. But we are still lucky that there is a control valve being created now. Honestly, this man patched everything up until he gave up and ran to Daura. He left the whole mess for Asiwaju to tackle. It will take only a bold leader to do what the President is doing now. That’s because others cannot do it. Just look at all the years we have been trying to remove subsidy until it took a man like Asiwaju to do it.”

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