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Mikel Arteta Advices Arsenal On European Super League





Mikel Arteta has urged Arsenal to prioritize the desire of the fans following their rejection of the European Super League’s revised proposal.

Arsenal was one of the twelve clubs that signed up for the first European Super League plan in 2021.

Shortly after the European Court of Justice declared on Thursday that it was unlawful to prevent clubs from joining the ESL, the organizers of the league, A22, announced a revamped version of the league in an attempt to rival Uefa club competitions.

The rebirth of the league is expected to be met with attacks by supporters, fans, European local leagues, and even governments, just like in 2021 when the league was introduced and died within 72 hours.


Currently, only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona remain interested in the breakaway league, while the remaining  ten clubs that initially signed up for the league have backed out.

Liverpool and Arsenal announced on Friday that their “position has not changed” about the ESL and that they are still committed to Uefa competitions, joining Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Manchester United in making the same declaration.

Ahead of the Premier League game between Arsenal and Liverpool at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, coach Mikel Arteta said: “Football supporters and the passion they bring to games is the reason this game belongs to them.


“Their opinion is very important and we have to look after them.”

He continued: “We remain in the same position and we love playing in the Champions League and will continue to do so.

“The conversations [with the owners] that we had were very clear after what happened two years ago. I think the club has issued a statement that is very clear and transparent. We’ll stick to that.”

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