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Israel Strike Hits Near Hezbollah Funeral In Lebanon




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In southern Lebanon on Monday, an Israeli strike struck a structure opposite the venue of a Hezbollah fighter’s burial procession.

State media reports that no injuries were recorded during the attack.

Naija News reports that since the crisis in the Gaza Strip started on October 7, there have been frequent gunfire exchanges along the Israeli-Lebanese frontier, primarily between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas.

According to news agency reports, Israel “targeted people who were participating in the funeral procession” of Hezbollah fighter Hassan Srur in the border village of Aita al-Shaab.

Although there were no injuries, the agency stated that “the Israeli enemy was trying to intimidate hundreds” of mourners, who persisted in the ritual, after the strike struck a structure less than 40 meters (130 feet) from the procession.

Later on, an AFP correspondent who was on the scene said that the strike had struck the top of an abandoned building.

A few kilometers farther north in Beit Lif, artillery munitions also landed close to the burial procession for another Hezbollah warrior shortly after, according to the correspondent.

1,139 were killed in the historic Hamas raid on Israel on October 7, which marked the start of the Gaza conflict, according to an AFP count based on Israeli numbers.

Over 18,800 people have died in Gaza as a result of its retaliatory land and air offensive, according to the health ministry headed by Hamas.

Additionally, it has stoked concerns about a regional conflict.