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Delta Coalition Voices Concerns Regarding Ibori’s Association With APC




Delta Coalition Voices Concerns Regarding Ibori's Association With APC

The Delta Consensus Group (DCG) has raised concerns regarding reports of disunity within the previously cohesive political coalition led by former Governor, James Ibori.

The group emphasized that the unity fostered by their efforts played a pivotal role in establishing peace in Delta State.

In a statement issued by its National Coordinator, Manny Onye, the DCG expressed worry about individuals labelled as political opportunists, formerly key instigators of Ibori’s challenges, who have now aligned themselves with him.

The group’s remarks are in response to circulating speculations in Delta State suggesting that Ibori has distanced himself from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) due to disagreements with the former state governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.

That leadership gave birth to his successors, all of whom worked in one way or the other with him.”

Acknowledging the speculations that Ibori has reportedly pledged support to a gubernatorial candidate accused of working against him after he left office, the group stated: “For many years while in office and out of office, many in the PDP remained loyal to Ibori while some within hours of losing sight of their political goals left the PDP family and flocked elsewhere.

“It is interesting that this select few who have been continuously reported to have betrayed Ibori have now become his new friends.”

Furthermore, the group issued a cautionary statement, expressing concerns that the former governor may not endure the psychological distress of experiencing a second betrayal at the hands of his newfound associates in the APC.

It said: “The rumour mill has it that Chief Ibori is inclined to the APC. We do not begrudge him that, especially if he can use it to win favours for Delta. However, we affirm that it should stop there because he, Ibori, knows the character of the party at the national level and at the state level is that of betrayal.