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‘You Claim To Be From A Rich Family But Spent N2 Billion On Entertainment In 3 Months’ – Omowaiye Knocks Adeleke



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A former Commissioner for Works and Transportation in Osun State, Remi Omowaiye, has claimed that the incumbent governor of the state, Ademola Adeleke, spent N2 billion on entertainment in three months.

Omowaiye lamented that Adeleke’s one year in office was uneventful.

The former Commissioner wondered why Adeleke was mismanaging the state’s resources despite claiming that he is from a rich family.

He argued that the former administration led by Gboyega Oyetola worked hard to move the state forward, adding that when he handed over, Osun had become one of the best states in terms of health care indices in Nigeria.

According to him, “Instead, in three months he spent N2bn naira on entertainment at the governor’s office, while neighbouring Kwara State has used N88m for nine months. This is a man who claims to be from a rich family. So, if you are from a rich family, why are you mismanaging our resources? Look at the health indices, when Oyetola came in, Osun used to have the highest maternal death rate.

“But when we were leaving, Osun had become one of the best states in terms of health care indices in Nigeria. This is because we painstakingly built and revitalised 332 health centres in the state.

“Not only that, we renovated and also provided basic equipment needed for those primary health care centres according to World Health Organisation standards. We also ensured that those primary health care centres were funded through basic provisions fund and the people who delivered at the primary health care centres increased annually from over 20,000 to over 50,000.

“In terms of infrastructure, we did a lot of roads and what we did was to conduct a citizen needs assessment. We didn’t just wake up and say we wanted to do something.”