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Israel Got Intel Of Hamas’ Attack Plan A Year Ago – Report



More than a year before the Hamas attack on October 7, Israeli officials obtained documents revealing Hamas’ war plan but were dismissed because they were deemed too “aspirational,” according to a report by  The Times.

However, it was unclear if any prominent political figures, including Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had access to the text before the attack.

The New York Times examined a 40-page paper that Israeli authorities code-named the “Jericho Wall.” It detailed the plan of attack, which calls for overpowering the Gaza Strip’s defenses, capturing Israeli cities, and demolishing Israel’s military installations.

Naija News reports that the document reportedly gave details of the “the location and size of Israeli military forces, communication hubs, and other sensitive information” thus raising questions about how Hamas gathered its intelligence.”

There are also concerns regarding why the Israel Signals Intelligence official’s warning, issued three months prior to the attack, was disregarded.

It is thought that Israel misinterpreted Hamas’ plea for permits to allow Palestinians to work in Israel as an offer of peace.

What could have been an intelligence coup has now become one of Israel’s biggest miscalculations in its 75-year history.

Fighting Resumes In Gaza As Truce Expires

Meanwhile, fighting resumed in Gaza on Friday after the expiration of the truce.

Health officials in the Palestinian territory announced the first deaths after the standoff resumed at the early hours of Friday in Gaza.

Ninety minutes after the ceasefire ended at 0500 GMT, a live camera saw a thick cloud of gray smoke sweeping over northern Gaza and what appeared to be explosions and automatic weapon fire.

Journalists reported airstrikes in the north and south of the region, while the Israeli military said that fighter jets were “currently striking” Hamas targets in Gaza.

At least nine people were killed in the city by attacks, including four children, according to the director of Al-Najar hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza, Marwan al-Hams, where many Palestinians fled after being ordered to evacuate the northern part of the territory by Israel.