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Betting Scandal In Juventus: Nicolò Fagioli’s Agent Fights Back




Nicolò Fagioli’s agent Marco Giordano has disagreed with the midfieder’s father, Marco, for alleging that the agent and his agency Caa Stellar were responsible for his son’s predicament.

Nicolò Fagioli is one of the Juventus footballers who are currently under investigation for breaching betting rules in Italy.

While 24-year-old Italian winger Nicolò Zaniolo has denied being guilty of betting on football as Italian prosecutors alleged, his national teammate, Nicolò Fagioli has admitted that he is addicted to betting.

His agent claimed in a statement earlier today, October 16, that Fagioli had been addicted to betting even before he signed with his agency.


According to the agent who is the son of ex-Napoli and Lazio striker Bruno, after the 22-year-old defender signed with his agency, he advised the youngster to get treatment for his betting addiction and to “self-report” himself.

“The father said nobody was aware of it and blamed those defending the player’s interests,” the agent told Repubblica newspaper.

“Some minor agents speak about bad management from international companies. The only thing we can say is that our client already had problems when he signed for us, Caa Stellar. It was close to summer and the first thing we told him was to get treatment and self-report.”


Nicolò Fagioli is said to be cooperating with prosecutors in the city of Turin and the Italian FA as the betting scandal ranges on.

If found guilty of the betting allegations leveled against him, the Italy international could be banned from anything related to football for 10 to 18 months.

Another Italian player who is indicted in the betting scandal, Sandro Tonali has reportedly agreed to “self-report” himself.