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Sergio Aguero Reveals Why He Broke Up With 5th Girlfriend, Sofia Calzetti Reacts




Manchester City legend, Sergio Aguero had almost a perfect football career but he is far from perfection in terms of romance or emotional affairs.

Aguero who had an illustrious and record-breaking football career at Manchester City and almost did the same at FC Barcelona before heart issues halted his football career in the 2021-2022 season, now has five failed famous relationships.

The 35-year-old Argentine football icon who now runs a Twitch channel announced via the channel that he has broken up with Sofia Calzetti, his fifth girlfriend.

Sofia Calzetti seems to have enjoyed one of the longest relationships with Sergio Aguero as they dated for four years before they announced their break up this week.

Sofia was by Aguero’s side when he was battling a heart condition in 2021 that forced him to retire from professional football a few weeks after joining Barcelona from Manchester City.

However, Sergio Aguero reportedly had to break up with Sofia because he reportedly caught her kissing another man in a nightclub.

Before Sofia Calzetti, Sergio Aguero dated and married Giannina, the daughter of late Diego Maradona in 2008. They had a son, Benjamin, together in 2009 but decided to end the marriage three years later.

From there, Aguero dated Argentine celebrity musician, Karina Tejeda but didn’t last for too long before the relationship ended.

In 2018, Aguero tried Instagram star Zoe Cristofoli but the relationship crashed the following year.

Months after, the retired Argentine striker tried love affairs with Reality TV star, Taylor Ward in 2019 which ended up becoming his shortest relationship as it crashed in the same year.

Ward went on to settle down with Aguero’s former teammate at Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez who now plays for Saudi Pro League club Al Ahli.

Most of Sergio Aguero’s fans thought Sofia Calzetti who he started dating in 2019 would become his last stop in his relationship rollercoaster, but that didn’t happen.

Sergio Aguero Lied? Sofia Calzetti Reacts

Sergio Aguero Lied? Sofia Calzetti Reacts

Sergio Aguero and Sofia Calzetti.

In an interview with Argentine journalist, Angelo di Brito, Sofia Calzetti confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with Sergio Aguero.

She also claimed she didn’t kiss another man in a nightclub as Aguero reportedly claimed, but admitted she went to the nightclub with a couple of friends.

“Many things are said that are not true”, Sofia Calzetti was quoted as saying.

“Everything is fine, we have good dialogue, but a lot of nonsense is said.

“I am not in a relationship. He [Aguero] is a person whom I love very much and I have a lot of respect for him.

“The causes of the separation are between us, relationship problems.”

“I saw something, I went out with friends to dance, and we were having fun. Nothing more

“There is no kiss”.