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2023 Election

Kano Guber: NNPP Extends Lead Over APC In Tight Race


The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has continued to extend its lead in a very tight race in the Kano State governorship election.

Meanwhile, the NNPP party agent at the State Collation center has alleged that thugs are currently attacking collation officers in Dala, Faggae LG while state collation is ongoing. He pleaded for reinforcements of security officers for the safety of INEC staff.

The returning officer however replied that the situation is under control and that the collation officer for Faggae has arrived with his result.


APC: 16959

NNPP: 19952

PDP: 293

LP: 21

Registered voters: 101038

Accredited voters: 38305

Total valid votes: 37376

Rejected votes: 197

Total votes cast: 37573

They were cancellation of results in 10 PUs due to violence and over-voting.


APC: 16039

NNPP: 17575

PDP: 189

LP: 174

Registered voters: 94186

Accredited voters: 37718

Total valid votes: 35916

Rejected votes: 991

Total votes cast: 36907


APC: 18746

NNPP: 16769

PDP: 71

LP: 57

Registered voters: 80477

Accredited voters: 36557

Total valid votes: 36060

Rejected votes: 436

Total votes cast: 36496


APC: 14515

NNPP: 15838

PDP: 77

LP: 80

Registered voters: 85557

Accredited voters: 32172

Total valid votes: 30912

Rejected votes: 427

Total votes cast: 31339


APC: 20299

NNPP: 21740

PDP: 118

LP: 202

Registered voters: 116966

Accredited voters: 45335

Total valid votes: 43663

Rejected votes: 770

Total votes cast: 44433


APC: 13215

NNPP: 10674

PDP: 39

LP: 59

Registered voters: 64928

Accredited voters: 25306

Total valid votes: 24385

Rejected votes: 367

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Total votes cast: 24752