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He Was Not A Real OAU Student – Yhemolee ‘Discloses’ How Asake Entered The University Without Writing Exams


Famous Nigerian entertainer, Yhemolee has alleged how fast-rising Nigerian musician, Asake got into the university.

Yhemolee during a chat with Tea With Tay’ Podcast alleged that Asake just moved from the interior parts of Lagos Island into the university.

He alleged that Asake did not write any exams to gain admission into Obafemi Awolowo University but was brought into the school by a guy known as Lala, who is currently a Nollywood actor.

Yhemolee claimed that Lala was in Performing Arts department and Asake metamorphosed into a student because he knew how to beat drums.

Bimbo Ademoye Discloses How She Makes Herself Cry In Movie Roles

Popular Nollywood actress, Bimbo Ademoye has revealed two incidents she thinks of when she has to cry during a movie role.

The thespian explained that she finds it easy to cry when she thinks about some experiences she has gone through.

Speaking during an episode of “Lilian’s Couch“, with Lily Afegbai, Ademoye narrated how terrible she felt after feeding her nephew a hot meal that burnt him and how her dad who is known to be emotionally strong once cried while he was sick. She explained that when she thinks about such a scenario she is moved to tears.

According to her, “When I’m trying to cry, one thing I don’t like to do as an actor when I’m crying is: there’s this expo where you just open your eyes and then it starts to like bring out water.

“It has even been scientifically proven that the tears that you cry from inside and the ones that you just open your eyes is different. Your eyes roll differently, and the redness of your eyes is different. So anytime I try to channel tears like that, I think about so many things that have brought me hurt, that I’ve not been able to handle. And it could be anything silly.

“One day I was feeding my nephew – y’all know how much I love my baby, that’s my everything. I was feeding him so I, am about to cry again, so I was feeding my nephew and that boy is my best friend, he’s like my everything. So I was feeding him, he was still a baby, and I didn’t know that the food in the feeding bottle was hot. So as I gave it to him, he screamed, and he started to cry. I felt like I had betrayed him. Cuz I was supposed to protect him. He was crying like a baby you know, just tiny itsy bitsy pain, and I just saw my sister laughing. I was like what is funny? She was like you look stupid. I was literally begging him like “papa, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.

“So those are the kinds of situations that I think about when I want to cry, because that day I felt broken. Like my god, my baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’ll protect you with my life, I was talking to him like “Papa I’m so sorry, I didn’t know the food was hurt, I’m sorry, forgive me”. You know things like that.

“Like one time when my dad was sick and I was sick. I was very young, I think I was in JSS 2 at the time. So he was lying down and then I heard him crying. My sister was in boarding house so it was just both of us at home.

“So I heard him crying and my dad is the strongest human being I have ever met in my life. If my father tells you he has a headache, he’s dying. God forbid, but that’s, like, he doesn’t talk. So for him to cry, I was so scared. I had to tell him “don’t leave me. You cannot leave me.

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“Then he started to cry too like I’m not leaving you, I’m not going anywhere, we’re here together. So situations like that, when I think about it, it just breaks me and then I channel that to become that character.”

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