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Blessing CEO Reacts As Samuel Jemitalo Blames Funke Akindele For Crashed Marriage


Blessing CEO and Funke Akindele

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, known as Blessing CEO, has tackled Nollywood actor Samuel Jemitalo for blaming Funke Akindele over her failed marriage.

Sharing a photo of Funke and her husband on Instagram, Samuel advised his fans and followers never to marry a woman who has made it or a social media freak.

Giving his reason, Samuel opined that women who have made it will never respect a man but rather make their husband feel privileged to marry them.

He wrote: “Men, never marry a woman that has made it… she will never respect you. Never marry a woman that is a ‘Social media Freak’… they learn things from a lot of women who don’t know the meaning of ‘Feminism.’

“Never marry a woman that is full of herself, a woman that makes you feel privileged to marry her. These kinds of women are grossly Rude. Marry a humble, Nice & Born Again woman.”

Reacting to the post, Blessing CEO tackled Samuel, stating that respect has nothing to with wealth.

According to the relationship expert, it’s only men who are not mature that would push blames, as matured men understand the responsibilities in marriage.

She added that there’s nothing wrong with women hustling because they would be referred to as gold diggers if they weren’t working.

Blessing wrote: “As usual they push the blame. You say never marry a woman who has made it yet you men say you want independent women . Respect has nothing to do with wealth it’s an inbuilt character and reciprocal too . You said never marry a social media freak but you men want to benefit and enjoy same privilege.

“I have said it so many times that there is a difference between a man and a boy . Boys like to relax and push blames, the only thing that functions is their manhood, they hate responsibility. While men understand responsibility and carry it on their shoulders. A lot of boys with manhood who can’t handle responsibility yet get intimidated when a woman Carries it.

“Many of u men are not looking for women to marry but looking for door mats in disguise of born again to intimidate. It is always the successful woman who takes the blame in Africa once a marriage goes down . Na bad thing to hustle like man ? If we no hustle then still call us gold diggers.

“Men need to sit up and think, what else can u give a woman apart from money ?? Enough of this women women women. Men it’s time to look inward.”

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