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Nollywoood Actress Speaks On Why Most Women Bleach Their Skins




Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya while shedding light on what inspired her documentary, ‘Skin’, disclosed that most black women bleach their skin for men.

The movie star, in a ‘Meet and Greet’ podcast, said most black women don’t appreciate their colour, because they feel having black skin is not beautiful, thus bleaching to feel more desirable.

She added that the documentary was about creating awareness and allowing people to learn about colourism and self acceptance.

Beverly said; “I was very passionate about the topic and I am still passionate about it. Many women in our society ‘bleach’ their skin because they want to be seen as more desirable.


They feel like having dark skin is not beautiful. According to the World Health Organisation, 77 per cent of Nigerian women bleach their skin. Understanding the facts and realising that a lot of people in our society do not have a clear understanding of what colourism is inspired the documentary. It was about creating awareness and allowing people to learn about colourism,”

The actress also said people usually love it when she plays bitchy roles in movies.

“Wedding Party’ was influential. It did a lot of things for my career. But then, what came of that was a typecast thing and the idea that that’s the only kind of role I can play. I know my range as an actor. The audience loves it when I play bitchy roles but they also appreciate it when I play the role of a downtrodden person, especially if it’s done well.”


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