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Kaduna Train Attack: One Victim Paid N100m For His Release – Govt Confirms


Kaduna Train Attack: One Victim Paid N100m For His Release - Govt Confirms

One of the victims abducted by bandit terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28, paid N100m to secure his release.

This was confirmed by the Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan during a chat with newsmen.

He lamented a situation where the terrorists claim they don’t want money in negotiation with the government and then turn around to make monetary demands and collect a ransom.

He added without revealing an exact amount that the terrorists have started making ransom demands from families of their victims.

“One of the victims paid N100million for his release. What did they really want? Next minute they will say they are not after money while another minute they will be asking for ransom,” Aruwan said yesterday.

Though he failed to mention the name of the particular victim, Naija News recalls the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture, Alwan Ali-Hassan, was recently released by the bandits who claimed they released the official in the spirit of Ramadan and his old age after he begged them.

Since the attack which shook every citizen and resident of Nigeria, the attackers have released two videos to make demands from the government on what they want in exchange for the victims.

In the first video, the terrorists asked the government to meet their demands or they will kill the abducted victims with them.

The terrorists who spoke in a video obtained by Naija News last Wednesday threatened to “turn their abode into an abattoir” if the government fails to do the needful.

Though they failed to identify the specific thing they want, the terrorists disclosed that they are not after money but the government knows what they want and should be fast in meeting their demands.

In the second video released, the terrorists showed the victims surrounded by armed men in a forest, while they pleaded with the government to rescue them.

The terrorist in the video were holding rifles and dressed in non-combat gears, with turbans covering their faces.