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Do Whatever Makes You Happy, You Can’t Please Everyone – Toyin Abraham Tells Fans



Do Whatever Makes You Happy, You Can't Please Everyone - Toyin Abraham Tells Fans

Ahead of the new year 2022, Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham has urged her fans and other people to simply be themselves.

The actress submitted that there is nothing you can do to please everyone as regardless of what you do or don’t do, people will still make comments.

The Nollywood star, therefore, advised that everyone should be real and do whatever makes him or her happy in life.

Taking to her Instagram account where she reeled out the lengthy note, Toyin Abraham stated that in 2022, people should do whatever makes them happy as everyone can’t be satisfied even if you try to please people against your own wishes.

She wrote: “I know a lot of people will be listing their new year resolutions. However, I just want to drop a friendly reminder as we go into the new year. Whatever you do, do you!

“Do what makes you happy. Help people, support people, come through when you are needed, go where you are wanted, do everything you want to do because at the end of the day, you will be alone in the grave and no one will go in the grave with you.

“Because life is as dicey as it can get and people will always have something to say regardless.

“If you are being supportive, they will say you are ‘famzing’ or you are everywhere. If you do not show up, they will say you don’t want to see people grow.

“If you are invited to an event and you go, they will say you are too accessible, if you don’t, you are not a good person.”

“If you marry from a humble background they will say you are classless and married low, if you marry someone rich, you will be called a gold digger.

“If you marry someone you are older than they say you just want to be in control, if you marry someone older than you, they question if you truly love this person and come up with ridiculous scenarios.

“If you post what you have, they say you are showing off, if you don’t they call you poor.

“If you try to be real, they call you razz or local, if you act classy, they call you fake.

“If you are taking care of your skin, they say you are bleaching, if you don’t they call you dirty and start to compare you to another.

“If you say something on social media, they say you are talking to someone. If you don’t, they call you boring.

“At the end of the day, just choose yourself and do you. People will always talk. Learn to also let people be themselves.

“Stop the entitlement and stop reading meanings to everything. It’s really not that deep and we can always just let people be and breathe. Happy new year in advance.”

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