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Actress, Uche Elendu ‘Schools’ Daddy Freeze On Why Women Wear Make Up


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Nollywood actress, Uche Eledu has countered controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze for saying women go out of their way to beautify themselves for men and other women.

According to Daddy Freeze, most men are unbothered about what women wear but went ahead to stress that women don’t do these things for men but rather they do it because they are in competition with other women

Reacting to the statement, Actress, Uche Eledu stressed that women beautify themselves to feel good and look classy and not for men nor competition.

Read exchange below;

Daddy Freeze wrote; ‘I have met many pretty girls with no makeup, polished natural nails and short natural hair. To be honest, i personally don’t appreciate micro-blading, false lashes and professional makeup; Most men, either don’t like these or just can’t be bothered. Let’s call a spade a spade; women don’t do these things for their men, they do them mostly because they are in competition with one another, I lie???’

Uche Elendu wrote; ‘Competition? no, they do it to feel good, look good, classy and be trendy not for men and definitely not for any kinda competition’

Officalblessingceo wrote; I do it to feel good. I love to switch my looks