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TB Joshua Reveals Source Of His Power, Why His Family Is Not Directly Involved In Ministry



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Prophet TB Joshua, founder and general overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has revealed that he constantly connects to God to get power and grace to carry out the demands of his ministry.

The prophet revealed this in an interview conducted at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain several weeks ago before the outbreak of the #EndSARS protests.

According to him, he strictly follows God’s vision and mission, adding that outside of God, he is finished.

“God spoke to me and brought me here. I have been following God’s vision, God’s mission. When I am out of God’s mission, I am finished,” he stated, adding that he has learned to follow ‘God’s time’.

“That is why you will not see me preach every Sunday or go on television to preach every day. I must hear from God before saying anything. Every time can be good for you and every time can be the best time for you but for me, I must have a corresponding grace or power because the Holy Spirit must suggest what to do before I do them. If not, I will not be able to have God’s result,” he revealed.

The cleric further noted in response to a question that he developed an unkempt swampy area into what has now become a beautiful nature resort for prayer, based on an instruction from God.

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He added that he spends most of his time in the ‘natural’ environment of the Prayer Mountain where he can take time to ‘rest’ and ‘receive from God’.

“This is where I started. I must have a library and a place where I can enjoy nature, not the air conditioner or fan – just nature as God created it. God is nature Himself and without nature, you cannot understand the Bible. Because the Bible is not history; when you are reading the Bible, you are reading the Holy Spirit.”

“Time to rest is time to receive from God and time to work is time to give what you receive from God. When you talk of time to rest, this is the best place to rest, not in the midst of technology or going to New York or travelling about but you rest in the midst of nature,” he stated in the interview.

Prophet TB Joshua further explained why he doesn’t put his wife and daughters in the spotlight or why they are not known to take up spiritual responsibilities in the Synagogue, noting that his three daughters are also focused on their academic pursuits.

“I would have loved my wife to be like me but I cannot make her what I am; it is God. I can’t anoint her; God is the one that anoints people. This is not a biological issue; it is an inheritance from the saints – being a partaker of the inheritance from the saints. So, therefore, I should not use anything in my biological life to stop my spiritual life,” he clarified.

“This is an apostolic ministry; it is not a ministry where you read the Bible, go to theology school, get your certificate and you start preaching! No. It is purely divine,” he explained, adding his three daughters were still engaging in academic pursuits.”

Equally, he explained during the interview why he is not seen too much in public gatherings or why his church doesn’t have branches despite the size and popularity.

“There is no other branch anywhere else in the world but it (The SCOAN) touches everywhere in the world. I am waiting for God to let me know if there will be branches or not; the important thing is that we should focus on building the people and not the church,” he insisted.

Answering a question relating to how he handles criticism and persecution, Joshua explained that it’s not a strange thing as even Jesus Christ experienced similar situations, adding that he understands it is part of God’s plan to bring publicity and expansion to the ministry.

“It is always good if at the beginning they don’t see what is good about you. If they don’t see your journey at the beginning, they will criticize you. It is good for you in the end. So, if they praise you from the beginning, it is not encouraging. If Nigerians have been accepting me right from the beginning of my mission, I think that would have affected my mission to the world,” he explained before adding that “Because it happened to Jesus, I cannot be greater than my Master. A tenant cannot be greater than his landlord. If the landlord is criticized, who is a tenant,” he concluded.

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