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Aisha Buhari Reveals How She Wants To Be Remembered After Leaving Office



Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s First Lady, has suggested that she wants to be remembered for being there for Nigerians during her time in office.

Naija News reports that the First Lady made this known during a phone-in on “Journalists Hangout,” a programme on Television Continental (TVC). Panelists on the programme were discussing the controversy generated by the First Lady’s remarks last week on governance failure.

Responding to how she wants to be remembered after leaving office as First Lady, Mrs. Buhari shared a story.

Her words: “Let me give you one example. On the 2nd of November, I met the wife of the Vice President at the airport on my way to Morocco and she was on her way to Ikenne. She was looking so exhausted and so sick.

“I said ‘Dolapo, must you travel and’ she replied ‘What can I do? These people really fought for us during the last election, they did not allow any party to come to our ward because of me and my husband, and now they’re having a function in that very village and my husband is going to be in Daura and he won’t be able to attend. So, there is no way both of us will not attend that particular event for Ikenne people.’

“I said, ‘what does that mean? you are now joining the lions because these people fought for your husband for only one term? Nigerian masses continue, they believe in my husband’s ideology, they continued fighting for it for 12 years before 2015.

“When we got to this place (Presidency), it was not because we were the richest or the most beautiful or educated, but we are just here due to the trust and confidence that they have in us.

“I feel indebted to Nigerian masses or Nigerians in general. As the wife of the President and the First Lady or the mother of the nation, I will continue to tell them that I am indebted to them,” the First Lady said.