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Kaduna: Gov. El-Rufai Puts Own Son In Public Primary School


El-Rufai Enrols Son In Public School

The Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir-El-Rufai has enrolled his own son, Abubakar Al-Siddique El-Rufai in a public primary school in the state.

According to information gathered by Naija News, the young El-Rufai was on Monday, enrolled as a Primary One pupil of Kaduna Capital School.

The Governor’s move is said to be a fulfillment of a promise made in 2017.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that El-Rufa’i had in a state broadcast in December 2017, promised to enroll his child in a public school when he turns six years.

“The move is part of reforms to revamp public schools in the state to make them more competitive.

“We are determined to fix public education and raise their standards so that private education will become only a luxury.

“As we make progress, we will require our senior officials to enroll their children in public schools.

“And I will by personal example ensure that my son that will be six years of age in 2019 will be enrolled in a public school in Kaduna State, by God’s grace,” El-Rufa’i had said.

Shortly after he enrolled the child, El-Rufai told newsmen that he did that in fulfillment of a promise he made to the people.

“I made that commitment because I believe that it is only when all political leaders have their children in public schools that we will pay due attention to the quality of public education.

“I went to a public school like this. In fact, the school I went to is not as good as this one, but here I am, because of the quality teaching I got.

“My intention is to ensure that all our public schools offer quality education, and so we are encouraging all our senior public servants to send their children to public schools.

“Once the public schools are improved to a point they are nearly as good or even better than private schools, no one will waste his money taking his child to private school,” he said.

Ummi El-Rufa’i, the mother of the child said: “l am glad that we are able to send a strong message to our leaders and the elites, that we need to start making things work from within our homes.

“By the time we start attending public hospitals and send our children to public schools, the system will get better. This is a very huge step,” she said.

The child, however, said he would miss his previous school, adding that he was none the same, glad to be helping his father fulfill his promise.

He said: “I am sad that I will miss my old school, my friends and my teachers. But I have to help my father keep his promise”.

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