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Abdul Mahmud Accuses Buhari’s Aide Of Evading Immigration Checks



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The Lead Attorney of #ENDSARS, Barrister Abdul Mahmud, has accused Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed, the Senior Special Assistant To President Muhammadu Buhari On Social Investment Programmes, of evading immigration checks.

Mahmud, a human rights attorney and President of Public Interest Lawyers League made this accusation in series of tweets.

The 8th President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) said the President’s aide, who allegedly flew his family on British Airways (First Class), evaded immigration checks, noting that Ahmed and his family were chauffeured past the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) cubicle.

Abdul Mahmud Accuses Buhari's Aide Of Evading Immigration Checks

Ismaeel Ahmed.

Mahmud wondered why Ahmed will take such actions despite the “change” mantra preached by his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party.

In series of tweets Mahmud said: “Nice to be back. As I flew in one Buharist (an SSA to Buhari) who flew his entire fam on 1st class BA(wife & 3 kids), evaded immigration check as he and family were chauffeured past the NIS cubicle. Yet they preach change!

“That SSA is Ismaeel Ahmed. How a low ranked aide is entitled to a diplomatic passport, yet evaded immigration check still beats me. I forgot: it’s Nigeria of ‘anyhowness,” he tweeted.

Responding, Ahmed tweeted: “Hahahahaha. Oga, I have an official passport not diplomatic there is a big difference. And SSA’s under PDP that u want back fly Govt jets for private use. So calm down. Slowly but surely I will get to the NEXT LEVEL where I will get a Diplomatic Passport God willing”.

Moments after Mahmud’s tweets, a Twitter user @alegallawyer called Ahmed’s attention to the allegation saying: “Dear @IsmaeelAhmedB This is a direct allegation. With several reports of fraud & massive corruption rocking the N-power & other SIP initiatives of this government, citizens want U to clear your name. How did a public officer pay for the flight? @ProfOsinbajo take note Please”!

In response, the President’s aide said: “Ahhhhhh. I didn’t see this since. I wish I had the kind of money to fly my family in first class. I would do it in a heartbeat. But it didn’t happen. I wish it did. I wish we were not separated on that plane. I wish my miles could have taken care of all of them”.

On the allegation that he evaded immigration checks, he said: “Not true either. I went thru official line because I have Official Passport. My family, like 4 other families with babies were told to skip line and wait outside. Pretty standard”.

Another Twitter user @Idomaboy147 tweeted at him saying: “Hello Ismaeel! I have watched & admired you from afar. There are 3 issues here for determination and you have treated one (We now know you don’t have a diplomatic passport). Please respond to: 1. Did you jump NIS check? If yes, then why? 2. Having u bn flying 1st class b4 NOW?

Responding Ahmed tweeted: “Nope. I WAS SCREENED ON OFFICIAL LINE. Guess that means jumping to him. And my family didn’t fly first (though I wish they did) He is LYING. And yes, I fly FIRST whenever I can afford it wayyyy before GOVT and will CONTINUE TO DO SO IN SHAA ALLAH!

Apparently displeased with Ahmed’s response, Mahmud replied: “This guy @ishmaeelahmedb is a liar. His family wasn’t prioritized, neither was he! He abused his office. There were families with kids on the queue as well who were scorned by NIS officers. He wasn’t checked by NIS. There’re witnesses @obiissues,” he tweeted.

Source: Naija News