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Nigerians Didn’t Bargain For This Bloodletting In 2015, Says Secondus



The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said that Nigerians didn’t wish for “avoidable bloodletting and loss of human lives” during the 2015 elections.

Ike Abonyi, the spokesman of the national chairman, made this known in his new year message.

He advised Nigerians to see 2019 as “the restoration year” for the country, noting that the electorate’s decisions will determine the future of the country.

The general election in the country this year 2019 provides ample opportunity for the country to be rescued and restored as the biggest black nation in the world both economically and politically, ” the statement read.

“This year provides us the ground to save our democracy and the country from the comatose state misrule has placed it.

“Nigerians did not vote in 2015 for their economy which was the best in the continent to be so damaged to merit her the poor capital of the world.

“It was not the desire of Nigerians in 2015 when they voted to have such frightening unemployment record as confirmed by the National Bureau of Statistics after nearly four years.

“Our nation did not bargain for this quantum of avoidable bloodletting and loss of human lives when it voted in 2015.”

The national chairman said it would be a huge disservice to the nation if the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) fails to give the country free, fair and credible elections in 2019.

Secondus advised security agencies in the country to remember that their responsibility is to Nigerians and not to “a particular government in power”.


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