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Balarabe Speaks On Those Who Are Corrupt In Nigeria



Balarabe Musa

Balarabe Agrees With Buhari That The Nigeria System Is Corrupt.

An elder statesman and Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) Board of Trustees, Balarabe Musa has taken side with President Muhammadu Buhari has he affirms that the Nigeria system is corrupt.

Naija News reports that President Buhari yesterday while he received the Federal Capital Territory community, who paid him Christmas homage at his official residence in Abuja, on Tuesday, said, It’s not Baba (Buhari) that is slow, but it is the system, adding that “So, I am going by this system and I hope we will make it.”

In reaction Musa said the whole system of governance in Nigeria is corrupt, which made it very difficult to identify individuals that are not corrupt across the country.

Aged Balarabe Musa who made the comment i‎n Kaduna said there were only two types of people that are not corrupt in Nigeria.

“In fact, the whole system is corrupt, Nobody knows who is not corrupt in Nigeria,” he said. “The only two people that are not corrupt in Nigeria are those who have no access to corruption and those, who by their nature, will rather die than to be corrupt but this constitute less than 00.1 percent of Nigerians.

“So, the corrupt people are either corrupt knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally or somehow.”

The elder statesman further explained that those who prefer to die than to be corrupt were very small in number in the country.

“These are negligible few in Nigeria and since the system is made up of corrupt people who always like to steal either knowingly or unknowingly, you expect all sorts of things to happen in Nigeria. We are only surviving like animals in the forest,” he said.


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