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Serbia Threatens To Withdraw From Euro 2024




Serbia has said they might not continue with the ongoing Euro 2024 if the European football governing body, UEFA, fails to take action against offensive fans.

Serbia were brought into the limelight for the wrong reasons when Kosovar journalist, Arlind Sadiku made a nationalist double-handed eagle gesture towards Serbia fans during their 1-0 defeat to England on June 16.

This is a symbol of Albania’s national flag, which can inflame tensions between Serbian nationalists and ethnic Albanians, who make up the vast majority of Kosovo’s population.

Due to the gesture, UEFA decided to ban the journalist from making an appearance at any of the match venues for the Euro 2024.

Following that, on Wednesday, June 19, some fans chanted about the killing of Serbians while watching the Euro 2024 Group B clash between Croatia and Albania which ended in a 2-2 draw.

This infuriated the Serbian FA and forced the football body to call on UEFA to take action.

“What happened is scandalous and we will ask [European governing body] Uefa for sanctions, even if it means not continuing the competition”, the general secretary of the Football Association of Serbia, Jovan Surbatovic told Serbian state-owned broadcaster RTS.

He added, “We will demand from Uefa to punish the federations of both selections.

“We do not want to participate in that, but if Uefa does not punish them, we will think how will we proceed.”

Serbia’s next game in the Euro 2024 is against Denmark on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. They are currently bottom of Group C.