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Kano: After Emir Of Bichi, Emir Of Gaya Also Accepts Removal From Office




Kano: After Emir Of Bichi, Emir Of Gaya Also Accepts Removal From Office

The former Emir of Gaya, Alhaji Aliyu Ibrahim Abdulkadir, has disclosed that he has accepted his removal from office as the will of God and a divine decree.

The ex-Emir is one of the traditional rulers in Kano State affected by the decision of the state government to reverse the law that divided the Kano Emirate and promoted them as first-class Emirs.

Abdulkadir added that he has no intention of contesting the decision in court and is prepared to serve in a different role if the chance arises.

Abdulkadir said in a chat with BBC Hausa that, “If this happens to anyone, he will not be happy, but Allah has brought it, no matter what, there is an end to it.

“Allah has written it even before we were born that it will be, so we should not be angry about anything. This is Allah’s doing and we accepted it with open arms.

“We are the acceptors of destiny. This is what Allah willed and this is what will be done. We have no intention of going to court. We have accepted destiny, we thank God.”

The announcement follows the earlier report by Naija News that the former Emir of Bichi, Alhaji Nasir Ado Bayero, has publicly acknowledged his removal from the throne as an act of divine will.

This statement came after the recent legislative changes in Kano State that led to his dethronement along with four other first-class monarchs.

These changes reversed the 2019 law initiated by ex-Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, which had expanded the Kano Emirate by creating new emirates and appointing new emirs.

Governor Abba Bichi Yusuf repealed this law, which resulted in the sacking of the emirs appointed under Ganduje and led to the reinstatement of Muhammadu Sanusi, who was dethroned as the Emir of Kano in 2020.

Following the signing of the new law, the affected emirs were given 48 hours to vacate their palaces and hand over their duties to the Commissioner of Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs.

In a reflective interview with BBC Hausa, Bayero expressed a serene acceptance of the recent developments, stating he harboured no resentment towards any party involved.

He said, “I have accepted this as God’s will,” Bayero said, indicating a philosophical approach to his sudden change in fortune.”

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