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How Can You Connive With Terrorist After Swearing An Oath To The Country? – FG Reacts To Claims Of Warders Helping Boko Haram



The Federal Government has said that it is treasonable for prison warders to collaborate with terrorists.

The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, lamented that such an allegation was despicable.

Naija News recalls that the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, had alleged that some prison officials were helping Boko Haram members plan their terrorist operations.

Musa also claimed that these warders were helping terrorists move their money around.

Reacting to Musa claims during an appearance on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Tunji-Ojo stated that it is preposterous to connive with terrorist after swearing an oath to protect the country.

He said, “It is treasonable as far as I am concerned. You cannot be an officer of government and you swore an oath to protect the integrity of this country and compromise it by conniving with terrorists. That will be despicable and unacceptable.

“It is out of this world. It is not something I can even imagine in my head that an officer of the law will go as low as conniving with terrorists to attack the nation. That is a treasonable offence.

“That can never, under any guise or condition, be swept under the carpet. It is a serious allegation. Be rest assured that, in the interest of Nigerians, for somebody to undermine the security of this country, it is a treasonable thing.”