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It Has Not Been Easy – Kunle Afod’s Wife Opens Up On Marriage To Actor



Nigerian businesswoman and wife of actor Kunle Afod, Desola has opened up about the struggles in their marriage.

Desola, during the actor’s 50th birthday celebration held in Lagos, admitted that getting married to a celebrity is difficult.

However, she vowed to never divorce her husband and the father of her children, but to endure whatever comes her way.

Speaking in the Yoruba language, she said: “My marriage to Kunle Afod hasn’t been easy. Marrying someone in Theaters, except you are lying, isn’t easy. But I had vowed never to divorce him and would endure whatever comes in it. There is something people don’t know about my husband, he doesn’t like Wahala.

“Afod allowed me to be me, a man who allows his woman to do what she likes is a real man. Thank you for all you do for me, for tolerating me, for allowing me to be me. I love you so much”.

Recall, the couple made headlines in 2022 after Desola announced her separation from her husband in an Instagram post.

She, immediately made a U-turn when she posted a video of herself face-timing her husband with a love song playing in the background.