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Nigerians Showed Me Hatred And Wickedness Because I Wanted More – Mercy Eke




Big Brother Naija star, Mercy Eke had said that Nigerians refused to support her while she was in the house because she won the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition in 2019.

Eke claimed that apart from her fans most Nigerians did not support her.

The reality TV star stated this in a recent interview with Hero Daniels.

Mercy broke down in tears, lamenting that her only “crime” was wanting “more”.


She explained that at a point she began to question herself if she was greedy for wanting to win the show a second time.

According to her, “This last season of Big Brother, at a point, I started questioning myself like I feel like I’m too ambitious. Is it a good thing for a woman to want more? Because people almost made me feel like I’m too greedy. And most times when I talk to Biggie that’s what I ask him.

“In my head, I started questioning myself: Do I want too much? Should I have not looked for this? Okay fine, I’m not hungry but if I want this green, can I not want this pink? And is there a problem if I want white? It made me start questioning myself too much. Wetin I even get? I don’t even have anything but people made it like let others be there.


“I didn’t have any support apart from my fans. It’s still in my head and I’m not lying because it’s just pure hatred and wickedness what I went through. And I thank God that I went back to the show because I didn’t know that that is how people saw me. They almost made me feel like I’m wanting too much even though I don’t have it like that.

“I just respect myself. Package myself. Even when I don’t eat, nobody is going to know. What people showed me, is just pure wickedness for nothing. Just for trying to be more. For trying to work harder. It was not easy to accept to go back into the House. Remember we had another winner in the House. But the energy they gave me both inside and outside the House, oh God! I said they would not see my tears. They will keep seeing me shine. That’s what I said to myself.

“But that is pure wickedness because I checked myself, what did I do wrong? I did not do anything wrong. I did not commit any crime. The only crime I committed was wanting more.”

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