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FIFA Suspends Luis Rubiales For Kissing Women’s World Cup Winner



The world football governing body, FIFA, has suspended the embattled Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales, pending the outcome of its ongoing investigation.

Luis Rubiales attracted the wrath of FIFA and most football enthusiasts across the world when he chose to celebrate Spain’s win in the 2023 Women’s World Cup by kissing the country’s player Jenni Hermoso on her lips during a medal presentation.

Though he has apologized for the conduct which has offended a lot of people, he refused to resign despite calls for him to do so across the world.

Since he has refused to resign, Fifa who had earlier announced that it would commence disciplinary procedure against him, decided to “provisionally suspend Mr. Luis Rubiales from all football-related activities at national and international level.”

“This suspension, which will be effective as of today, is for an initial period of 90 days, pending the disciplinary proceedings,” Fifa added on Saturday, August 26.

Furthermore, Fifa has forbidden Rubiales or any Spanish FA representative from attempting to contact the 33-year-old Hermoso.

A day after announcing that it would carry out a disciplinary procedure against the 46-year-old Spanish football administrator, Fifa confirmed the commencement of the procedure on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Spanish FA vice president, Rafael del Amo has announced his resignation from the football body since Luis Rubiales has refused to resign.

“I have presented my resignation after seeing that Luis Rubiales continues to head the Spanish federation,” he said.

“I owe a lot of things to Luis but what happened in the final is unacceptable.”