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APC Governors Speak On Zoning NASS Leadership




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Governors elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Thursday spoke on zoning the leadership positions in the 10th National Assembly.

The Governors identified as the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) noted that the election of principal officers in the 10th assembly will be based on consultation within and outside the party.

The APC Governors stated this on Thursday in Abuja after their marathon meeting.

The Chairman of the forum and Governor of Kebbi State, Atiku Bagudu while addressing newsmen said lawmakers in the NASS would elect their leaders in a way that would make Nigeria a better country


Bagudu, when asked if the Governors would interfere in selecting the leadership of NASS, said, “We believe that our members in the 10th National Assembly are people with a wealth of experience that will bring it to bear in choosing the new leadership. Many of them, including the freshers, will be mindful of the party, its manifesto and the expectations of Nigeria from our party. They know the importance of working with other stakeholders within and outside the party. So, they will exercise their rights of choosing leaders in a way that will make Nigeria a better country and make our polity more stable.”

Speaking on zoning arrangement, the governor said, “The National Assembly leadership is an elective leadership. So, while we congratulate them, we also believe members, particularly those of our party have the wisdom to make choices of the leaders that will be reflective of consultations within the party and outside the party for the benefit of Nigeria.”

Bagudu speaking on the outcome of their meeting said, “The PGF met and reviewed our performance in the general elections and preparations for supplementary elections. We also reviewed developments in the polity, particularly the incidents of a few days ago, in which we issued a statement condemning the treasonable call for an interim government.


“We made it clear that Nigeria’s democracy has prospered and despite all challenges, we are still a beacon of light for many countries. We have seen elections that have been contested even in the so-called advance democracy in the US with differences. Bush and Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Trump with one disagreement and acrimonies but the system say those who otherwise feel disenchanted should pursue the judicial option. It is the same thing with Nigeria. All the elections since the emergence of Shehu Shagari have been disputed by one participant or the other. So, we felt that Nigerians are wiser and expect the political actors to be considerate of the wider interest. And since democracy has won, we must move on.”

On the interim government, the PGF Chairman said: “They should first define what they mean by an interim government. We had an election and somebody has been declared winner in the person of President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He has visited the candidates before and sent delegations to others and he has called for support and willingness to work for others. That is what we want. We know that elections are not perfect tools for the recruitment of leaders, but that is the best so far and we have adopted it, tested it, and achieved under it. So, those calling for any other means of changing leaders outside what our constitution and laws provide are not doing so in the interest of our country. In fact, it is treasonable and condemnable.”

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