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Nollywood Actress Cries Out After Friend Scammed Her Of N1.5 Million




Luchy Donalds

Nollywood actress, Luchy Donalds, has cried out on social media after a friend scammed her of N1.5 million for cosmetic surgery.

Naija News reports that the actress made this known on Instagram, stating that her friend had claimed she needed the money for a kidney transplant.

In the post, Luchy said the unidentified friend solicited funds from her with claims that her mother needed a kidney transplant due to her terrible health condition, and that she was still unable to get the complete money.

The actress noted that she sent N1.5 million to the friends after their phone conversation but later discovered that the friend used the money for surgery.

She wrote: “People are very very very wicked, this particular one really hurt me. My friend since year 1 in the university called me crying that her mother has kidney problems and needs a transplant, weeping that her mother does not even recognize her again because of how bad her condition has become, I asked this girl how much did the hospital ask for the transplant.

“She said 7.5million naira but she has raised 6million remaining 1.5million so I told her she will hear from me, not upto 30minutes I got off the phone with her, I sent her the complete 1.5million naira to save her mothers life.

“Now here’s the painful thing. I just found out that this girl used my money to go and do body surgery for her ass and arms, I don’t have too much money but the little I have I came through for a friend to save her supposed mothers life only to realize she played me, she used my as her local client because this is jobing that she jobed me, now here’s another painful part again.”

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