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Aston Villa Legend Explains Why Steven Gerrard Was Sacked




Former Aston Villa Legend Explains Why Steven Gerrard Was Sacked

Aston Villa Legend Dean Saunders believes Steven Gerrard’s disagreement with the club’s management led to his exit.

Naija News previously reported that Aston Villa on Thursday parted ways with the English boss following a 3-0 defeat at Craven Cottage.

Gerrard left the hot seat at Ibrox after winning the Scottish Premiership and going undefeated in the league.

After replacing Dean Smith, he was not able to boost either the performance of the club or their form.

Why was Steven Gerrard sacked?

Speaking to talkSPORT, Saunders believes that Gerrard has suffered the “expected” exit as a result of some disappointing results near the end of the previous season.

“From last season he probably had some baggage which has cost him. You look at it and two wins and you would be in the top half of the table.

“For Aston Villa, what their target is in their third year back in the Premier League, I would say seventh or eighth. With the money they have spent, the time he has had to get a team together, and the squad.

“Being 19th in the table and not playing that well, I don’t think the fans are prepared to accept it or the owners. Aston Villa is too big a club to be 19th in the Premier League.”

The Welsh man asserts that a disagreement between Gerrard and the owners resulted in the two-line, succinct statement that announced the manager’s dismissal.

“It was a bit sharp, wasn’t it? I thought he would make it to breakfast, but they have just slashed his legs off,” he went on.

“I have managed six teams and been sacked twice. First time I got sacked I got a phone call the next day. The second time was right after a game, and I said ‘can’t you wait until Monday?’ It’s a knee jerk reaction.

“I am trying to work out why it has been so quick. It sounds like he has had an argument with them and has gone ‘well sack me if you like’; it was a bit quick.” he said.

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