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Russia Ukraine War

Ukraine War: The US, NATO Leaders In Emergency Meeting On Next Action Against Russia


Russia, Ukraine Agree To Ceasefire In Humanitarian Areas

Members and leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO are currently holding an emergency meeting to determine the next phase of action against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

Naija News reports that Russia has received a series of backlash following President Vladimir Putin’s order which has claimed hundreds of lives in the last few weeks.

The UK government and other top organisations have also slammed Russia with sanctions in reaction to the invasion of the fellow European country.

There is no sign the ongoing bloody war is ending anytime soon, hence, NATO has called for an emergency meeting.

The CNN quoted some US officials on Thursday as saying there would be announcements on new sanctions after the emergency meeting.

NATO force posture and military assistance to Ukraine will also be mentioned at the meeting, Naija News learnt.

It was reported that representatives from the US and European governments have spent days leading up to the summit in intensive conversations finalizing steps for leaders to unveil following their talks.

However, the NATO leaders will not give in to embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s repeatedly request for a no-fly zone to be enforced over Ukraine.

US and NATO officials have repeatedly said that such a move would risk provoking President Vladimir Putin and sparking a wider war with Russia.

Western allies have also found it difficult to take more aggressive steps, such as providing Russian-made fighter jets to Ukraine or deciding to cut themselves off from Russian energy supplies, which could potentially cripple Russia’s economy, Naija News reports.