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Oyedepo Reveals What Will Happen When Clerics Are Criticized



Oyedepo Reveals What Will Happen When Clerics Are Criticized

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has warned Christians to deviate from criticizing clerics, as such actions can attract dangerous punishment from God.

Oyedepo, while speaking at the leadership empowerment summit at his church headquarters, said speaking against a man of God can attract leprosy.

He further stated that critics of his ministry have been victims of the warning, stressing that the warnings are based on spiritual insights.

He said, “Beware of speaking hurt against the Ministry you claim to be part of advancing, it’s a risk.

“Beware of speaking hurt against a Prophet you claim to believe. It is dangerous. It can make a man leprous. It is dangerous. We don’t have the data of how many victims may have come from this warning, but I know quite some would have been victims.

“One of the Leaders in this Nation said, “what we are saying now, Bishop is in his room. he is hearing.” When we give warnings, we give it based on prophetic insights.”

The General Overseer, however, noted that criticism is part of what prophets of God must endure, saying it is not a problem.

“Every prophet is ordained to be spoken against. So it is not a problem. It is already written. It is not that it is something that is new.”

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