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Nigerians React As Man Confronts Soldier After Breaking His Windscreen



Some Nigerians have taken to social media to react after seeing a man confront a soldier for smashing his windscreen.

Naija News reports that a cab driver had taken to his Instagram account to narrate how he confronted a soldier after he (the soldier) smashed his windscreen in Lagos.

The man identified as, Faithful Olatunde said he was driving from Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos when he encountered traffic on Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH .

While in traffic his passenger was trying to get gala. However, this action did not sit well with two soldiers who were monitoring the traffic and they proceeded to smash his windscreen.

He wrote: “I was driving from MM2 towards Lasuth, there was traffic on the brigde towards lasuth and This 2 soldiers were directing the traffic, just before we were asked to move, the guy I was carrying decided to buy gala, I gave him N100 to buy it then were asked to move so I started to move slowly to cover up, the guy bought the gala in less than 2seconds but ahead of me the soldier controlling the traffic asked me to move fast which I did,only for me to get to his front and he smashed my windscreen, so i stopped to confront him, and he started molesting and threatening me, He actually hit me twice on my head with the pipe he used to break my windscreen and the wiper. I did nothing wrong, while I was accusing him of his wrong doing his partner tried to rush me to collect my phone but I was fast enough to get a good grip on my phone, but he managed to crack part of the screen of my phone. I DID NOTHING WRONG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD”

Reacting to the situation, some Nigerians have condemned the security operatives action, maintaining that they were wrong in destroying the man’s windscreen.

Below are some comments culled by Naija News

Foreverdope: “How many times will they tell you Nigeria is not for you”

drizslim: “E no make sense say soldier wen suppose de fight terrorist come de terrorize the people..
Soon we go do revolution against the military.”

Jidemoo: “In as much as the dude no do the right thing but the soldier gats pay for the damages which kin showoff be that one….or make dem send am go Borno make Boko boys teach am lesson.”

rondef: “remove guns and weapons they carry about, they nothing but bloody humans.”

JosephXavier: “It’s unfortunate but their spokesman will still come and tell us how professional Nigerian soldiers are and how they use the rule of engagement to tackle insecurity.

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