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Man Spotted Hawking Grasshoppers To Passengers Inside Airplane (Video)



Man Spotted Hawking Grasshoppers To Passengers Inside Airplane (Video)

A man has stirred reaction online after he was spotted in a viral video hawking grasshoppers on a plane before take-off at Entebbe Airport.

The popular trend is to see sales personnel get on luxurious buses or commercial buses to advertise their product to passengers, however, this man changed the narrative as he advertised his product on the plane.

The man in the trending video made huge sales inside Uganda’s national carrier as passengers were seen purchasing the grasshoppers in nylon and handing over cash to the unidentified man.

However, questions have been raised on how the man gained access to the plane to hawk grasshoppers and why he did not obey the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hawker in the video dished out grasshoppers on cash orders from one aisle to another without interruption from the cabin crew.

It was not stated if the man was allowed to hawk within the cabin or he is a travelling passenger who took advantage of the moment to advertise his business.

Watch the video below:

In another development, a bride has died on the day of her wedding ceremony.

The deceased identified as Hannatu Yahaya got married to her husband, Isyaka Yusuf in Kawon, Maigairi, Kano on Saturday November 27.

Some of her family members informed LIB that prior to her death, she began to vandalize properties when it was time to leave for her husband’s house.

Her family began praying for her and rushed her to the hospital where she died. It was also reported that the bride was treated two weeks ago for an ulcer. She was later discharged but fell ill again on November 25.

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